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Saunders Brush & BladeCraft

Creators of functional woodcraft and fine art


Inspired by generations of artists and woodworkers, Saunders Brush & BladeCraft is a creator of quality, hand made, functional artwork.


SBBC quarterly offerings are theme-based and crafted in small batches.  Our functional products are inspired by a love of good food, great adventure, and fine art.  


- Choose a design -
- Make it your own -
- Enjoy -



The artwork alone is worth showcasing.  Order an original or a print, 


Add a focal point to your entertaining with functional wood designs.


Unique designs for your own collection or a perfect gift for a friend.  


Our Story

Saunders Brush & BladeCraft began as an effort to frame the work of a family of woodcrafters, creative thinkers, and fine artists. Together we refined our process and ideas to establish our business.

The inspiration for our first offering: Fish & Chips was derived from a visit to a small historic village in England – specifically, two memorable venues: one, a centuries old pub where our simple charcuterie meal was served on a beautifully fashioned old wooden board set upon a thick slab table, in what seemed a magical castle turret. The second was an intimate French-themed coffee shop (bistro) where our café au lait was served on a rustic tray only large enough to fit a steaming cup and a small plate with a fresh & flaky croissant.

From there we knew we needed to recreate these experiences – not only for ourselves, but to help others reinforce a slower aesthetic around food enjoyment and presentation.

Finally, in a special homage to a wider family of builders, artists, quilters, potters and more, we are grateful for this opportunity to share our work and love of creating.